The BRILENOVO company is happy to offer whole ripe forest berries of cranberries, "dressed" in delicious coatings. We present unique desserts:

1. Fresh cranberry in sugar.

2. Fresh cranberry sugar with cinnamon.

3. Fresh cranberries with ginger sugar.

4. Fresh cranberry in sugar with cardamom and cinnamon.

Thanks to natural vitamins our sweetness will taste and will benefit anyone who cares about their health and health of their relatives. For people with an active lifestyle, the glucose included in dragees and snacks will provide the necessary energy for the whole day! BRILENOVO restores the dignity of natural food! Try and you will not be indifferent!

Useful properties

The main advantage of the dragee lines is its highly competitive, beneficial properties combined with the natural taste of ripe berries. The basis of the product is whole wild cranberry with intact skin, under which is preserved natural fruit juice and a whole set of natural ingredients. Wild cranberry is a true source of vitamin C, an excellent activator of immunity, it is a natural antioxidant. The product does not contain ANY aromas, flavor enhancers, preservatives! This confirms the short shelf life. The products are made to order.

The composition of snacks based on pureed blueberry cranberries or blueberries – this is the perfect complement to your strength and capabilities. The gelling agent is agar-agar – made from seaweed, it is the richest source of iodine for humans. Cellulose oligofructose extracted from the roots of chicory strengthens the immune system, nourishes the intestinal microflora, which significantly improves the ability of the digestive system to digest and pick up important minerals. Light dessert snacks normalize the brain function, help restore strength after a long load.


BRILENOVO delivers products to the warehouse in Białystok (26 Octowa St., 15-399 Białystok). The customer himself receives the goods or orders delivery by courier.

Commercial offer